Circumstantial Widows by Lucille M Griswold
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When tragedy struck the home of Veronica in Guatemala, the kindness of her grandmother helped to alter Veronica’s style of living for the better. Once her mother was in America, the calamities continued. Veronica’s life could have been on a path of destruction. Only through the goodness of philanthropists and other caring individuals, was Veronica able to work her way to be a respected and powerful business woman. Jealousy intervenes, and more catastrophes ensue. Veronica’s blonde hair and blue eyes defied her upbringing and led people to believe she came from a different background. Though not intentionally, Veronica kept up the charade. Life became a circus of enormous proportions as Veronica attempts to rectify the wrong with her widow friends and when an old love reappears. Despite the myriad of obstacles thrown in Veronica’s path, she manages to overcome each complication. The way Veronica handles these obstacles becomes one to be emulated. This exciting tale weaves you into a web of intrigue.

ISBN: 978-1-945355-74-5

Release Date: 7/25/2017

Number of Pages: 214

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Circumstantial Widows by Lucille M Griswold

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