Jacques and the Little Girl That Could by Lew Steinhoff
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Sometimes our fears prevent us from growing as an individual and keep us from enjoying life.

This story is about our little friend, Jacques the Bear, who helps a little girl named Becca overcome her fears and gain more confidence in herself. While watching a soccer game one day, Jacques notices little Becca running away from the ball every time it came near her. He finds an opportunity to go over and talk to her about not being scared of the ball and seeing the joy in kicking the ball back and forth. She also discovers through this talk that even if the ball hits you it only stings for a minute and helps you get stronger. This confidence leads to good things out on the soccer field but also help her in other areas of her life. She realizes by facing her fears, she can actually laugh more and enjoy life more.

Jacques and the Little Girl That Could is a story about overcoming your fears. It is also about being a friend to someone in need.

ISBN: 978-1-937121-38-9

Release Date: 4/17/2012

Number of Pages: 28

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Jacques and the Little Girl That Could by Lew Steinhoff

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