Lulu the Cocker Spaniel Book Series by Kristin Stiff
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Lulu the Cocker Spaniel

Hurry, there is no time to spare! The bees are buzzing off the pages and Lulu is in great need of your help! Lulu’s toy chest has come to life and toys are popping up everywhere!

Lulu, the Cocker Spaniel, is about a dog that seemingly follows the same routine every day, but one mysterious morning her routine gets thrown off. When she puts on her magical costume and opens her toy chest, baby bumble bees escape.

In the end, Lulu’s perfect morning turns haywire but she solves the problem and gets to school on time. While in school, Lulu’s teacher draws attention to the negative effects of bullying.

ISBN-13: 978-1-937121-27-3

Release Date: 08/30/2012

# of Pages: 48

Lulu the Cocker Spaniel: The Christmas Blues

Grab your cookie dough and cookie sheet and join Lulu in making some delicious chocolate chip cookies, but make sure you set a timer! You don’t want to serve Santa Clause burnt cookies now do you? Whoops, there I go giving a clue into Lulu’s latest adventure!

Lulu, the Cocker Spaniel is at it again teaching another valuable lesson, but this time at Christmas! Lulu, the Cocker Spaniel: The Christmas Blues is a heartwarming story about one dog helping another. Lulu befriends a poor, shivering dog that is living on the icy cold streets after which nothing is the same: The toys escape their room, Bone fights fire, the baby bumbles get sick, not to mention Santa Clause makes an appearance! What?! Yes boys and girls, Santa Clause climbs down the chimney just in time to save Christmas! If you’re ready for an action packed Christmas adventure, then walk into Lulu’s latest addition, but be sure to watch your step!

ISBN-13: 978-1-939954-10-7

Release Date: 08/30/2013

# of Pages: 45

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Lulu the Cocker Spaniel Book Series by Kristin Stiff

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